Events and Programs

College Diversity Summit

Colleges and Universities are often where many of us get our first taste of diversity. By meeting students and professors different from ourselves, we expand our breadth of knowledge on multiculturalism and learn how other people live, think and feel. The College Diversity Summit was designed to bring together diverse educators and faculty who have a commitment to educating their students about the virtues and benefits of diversity and inclusion. By bringing together the best and brightest in diversity education, the LADC hopes to give both students and educators a better understanding of diversity as it applies to them.


Diversity and Leadership Conference

Those who take the initiative and lead by example often become the most well recognized leaders in their field. The Diversity and Leadership Conference was created to give business, non-profit, governmental and community leaders a better understanding of what a diverse and multicultural leader really is and how best to go about exemplifying diversity. The Conference is also where the Council recognizes and shares the best practices of diverse leadership that has consistently shown a commitment to promoting diversity in their workplace and community.


Encourage to Achieve

Not all students have an easy time when it comes to academics. Many have a hard time perceiving concepts and doing their homework, and many simply give up and drop out because they think they don’t have what it takes to succeed. All too often these students come from lower-income families and are children of color that have lost hope in ever achieving anything in their lives. Encourage to Achieve, an initiative started by Dennis Kennedy, is designed to counter-act this negative trend by encouraging kids of color to reach their full potential and stay in school to graduation.

Women’s Conference

The Louisiana Women’s Conference is an empowerment conference that focuses on highlighting the major issues and challenges that face working women today. Many topics are covered, from workplace discrimination issues, to strategies for women to get ahead of the game, to balancing family and work, and everything in between. The advancement of women’s rights and workplace opportunities has been a monumental achievement in recent history. More women work in C-Suite offices and higher management positions than they ever did before, and many businesses and communities see the benefits of actively including women. But more can still be done; the glass ceiling still exists in many organizations, and women continue to be routinely under-paid and under-appreciated in the workplace and in society as a whole. By attending the Louisiana Women’s Conference you can learn valuable strategies and skills to help counter-act the glass ceiling and empower yourself to achieve greater things.


Women in Leadership Symposium

The Women in Leadership Symposium is a half-day event geared towards women in leadership roles. Women often face unique challenges as they move higher in their organizations, and the workshops offered by the Women in Leadership Symposium explore these challenges, teaching women how to think and behave strategically when meeting leadership demands. If you are a woman of high rank within your organization, but feel you may have stalled out, or want some strategies on how to get ahead, then the Women in Leadership Symposium is for you!


Young Women in Leadership Symposium

Being a young woman entering the workforce can be especially challenging. Unless they are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to get ahead, many women are simply unable to get past the ground level. The Young Women in Leadership Symposium is a half-day event that brings mentors and coaches together with bright, up-and-coming young women to give them the knowledge necessary to make it in the working world. Discussions will include leadership, college and career planning, diversity, advocacy for young women going into the business world, and many, many more.


Initiatives and Services